Frequently asked questions many of our customers have.

1. How do I pick up a car if I’m landing in Sandspit?

Arrangements can be made to pick up a car in Skidegate.  You would have to make your own arrangements to get from Sandspit to Skidegate.  Most people use Eagle Transit, a local transportation system that meets every Air Canada Flight.  You can contact them at 250-559-4461 to reserve a seat.

2. How far is it from Masset to Queen Charlotte City

Approximately 130 Kilometers or 81 Miles one-way.

3. Does it cost extra to have additional drivers?

No, we just need to have a copy of a valid licence

4. Can we drive on the beach or logging roads or go 4x4ing ?

In short, no. Our vehicles are monitored with GPS systems and if found to be on any Beaches, Back Roads, Logging Roads (including Renell Sound and Copper Bay) you will be subject to a $600 charge + any damages and costs associated with recovering the vehicle.

There are some locals that will take you into hard to reach areas that you could book a tour with.

5. Is the rental 24-hour?

Yes, the daily rate covers a 24-hour period.

6. Do we require extra insurance?

Some credit cards and companies provide car rental insurance, if you don’t have these options it is something you should look into before booking .

7. Do you allow pets in your vehicles?

Yes, but they must be kept in a carrier.

8. Do you need a special license for a 10-Passenger Van or Cube Van?

No.  Just a valid drivers license.

9. How much time do we need to safely book in advance?

Our peak season is May thru September, you should book 1-month in advance during this time.  In our off-peak season which is October thru April a weeks notice should suffice.

10. Are you located at the Air Port?

No, we are located at the Sea Plane Base, 2 Kilometres from the main Air Port.

11. How do we get to our car from the Air Port?

We have a shuttle that meets every flight that brings you to our rental office.

If you have any additional questions please contact us.